Community Based Clinical Education (CBCE) Program at Aspen Dental

Enrich dental education, enhance curricula, and expand
access to care – one student at a time.

Aspen Dental's Community Based Clinical Education (CBCE) Program offers a unique opportunity for students to enhance their knowledge and skills in a real-world setting. Through externship rotations and mentorship from Aspen Dental Preceptors, students gain invaluable experience while making a difference in underserved communities, bridging the gap between academia and practical dentistry.

Together, we can empower the next generation of dentists and leave a lasting impact on communities in need.
Program Overview

The Aspen Dental CBCE Program creates a dynamic learning environment for students while addressing critical healthcare needs.
For Students
  • Diverse Experiences:
    Gain exposure to underserved areas and diverse patient populations.
  • Optimal Learning Environment: Benefit from a high-volume clinical setting, enhancing proficiency and confidence.
  • Preparedness Enhancement: Develop skills in specialty procedures, improving readiness for professional practice.
For Schools
  • Cost Coverage:
    Program expenses are covered, reducing financial burden on participating institutions.
  • Preparedness Improvement: Students are better equipped for complex procedures, enriching the academic curriculum.
For the Community
  • Enhanced Access to Care: Increase availability of dental services for underserved communities.
  • Greater Outreach:
    Serve a broader demographic, addressing disparities in oral healthcare.
The Model in Action

From initial interest to kickoff and program completion, our program unfolds through a carefully structured timeline.
  • Introduction to Dean/Program Director about CBCE Program and School externship needs
  • ​​​​​​​Target start date and length of rotation
  • Affiliation agreement initiated
  • Preceptor selection started
  • Application and credentialing to become School faculty
  • Program orientation and calibration with Preceptor
  • CODA and State Board regulation compliant
  • Selection of student Extern for rotations
  • Preceptor and Office orientation by Academics
  • Protocols and scheduling for Preceptor and Extern: Guide to Successful Rotation for Extern
  • Initial welcome and follow ups by Academic Team
  • On-site orientation by clinic staff, office and Preceptor
  • Proper chart documentation in School health platform
Post Rotation
  • Competency checklist by Preceptor for Extern/School
  • Post rotation survey by Extern
Tops in workplace diversity 2 years running

Newsweek named Aspen Dental among America’s Greatest Workplaces for Diversity and Inclusion in 2023.
Interested in the program?
Email John Murphy, Vice President of Aspen Dental TA to learn more