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TAG U is the industry’s premier Learning & Development program.
First in your development. Last to leave your side.

​​​​​​​Here’s the thing: We want to be first in everything. First in your growth. First in your success. First in your future. That’s why we’ve invested more than anyone in the industry in TAG University—a first-of-its-kind destination for world-class learning experiences to help you grow faster and aim higher.
50,000 sf

of L&D space​​​​​​​

surgical training center

invested in training facilities​​​​​​​
Recognized as a Top 10 L&D Team for 2023 by OnCon Icon Awards
The award stands as a monumental achievement, underscoring the team’s unwavering dedication and commitment throughout the journey of launching The Aspen Group University (TAG U).
Keep growing every day
Broaden your skills and development through cutting-edge tech and the industry’s top minds to guide you.
Whole-person development
Enjoy targeted learning across a diverse group of “campuses” to help you grow personally and professionally—including 1,000+ hours of CE credits.​​​​​​​
State-of-the-art platform
Access a variety of customized, intuitive learning journeys—from in-person and on-demand to virtual classrooms and simulated VR environments.
Top-tier faculty and staff
Learn from the best in the industry—thought leaders, mentors and experts who are trained to motivate, challenge and inspire you.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Welcome to TAG University!
TAG - The Aspen Group has launched TAG University, also known as TAG U, as a destination for learning focused on expanding professional and personal growth opportunities through world-class learning experiences. Fueled by innovation and technology, TAG U brings TAG team members from across the country together for innovative continuing education and professional development courses designed to unlock their potential and encourage growth at every stage of their lives and careers.
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Get the edge on top tech

Immerse yourself in tomorrow’s dentistry, today.
Cutting-edge implants
Better fit. Better quality. Better care. Learn how we’re changing the game with implant denture technology, training and delivery.
Scanning, redefined
Aspen Dental teams use TRIOS scanning technology to create a high-impact, full-detail picture of patients’ unique conditions for a more accurate diagnosis.
All in on digital
Our digital transformation in all Aspen Dental offices is an investment in our teams and patients, with fully digital labs, workflow, clear aligners and more.
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Go inside our $6MM
​​​​​​​surgical training center
The TAG Oral Care Center for Excellence truly brings our purpose  to life for both patients and providers. This first-of-its kind, state-of-the-art facility is designed to facilitate world-class training for doctors and care teams while also providing comprehensive dental care at no cost to approximately 2,500 underserved Illinois residents every year.
“The learning and development support I’ve received from Aspen Dental has been extremely beneficial in not only advancing my clinical skills but helping me to train the next generation of doctors.”
— Dr. Brett Parrott, Practice Owner

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