Hygiene students come 1st

Whether you are just starting hygiene school or getting ready to take your board exams,
we're here to support you through your academic career and beyond
We’re all in. For you.

Elevate your dental hygiene journey with unparalleled support from our experienced Hygiene Support team. Led by 42 industry-leading hygienists, our mission is to enhance your career through skill development, fostering clinical, operational, and cultural excellence. Benefit from mentorship, training, and partnership opportunities that propel your career forward.
Interested in working while you're in school?
Support while you're in school and beyond
Dive into our blog
It's not just a resource; it's a roadmap tailored for hygiene students like you. From insider tips on mastering clinical skills to guidance on navigating the professional landscape, we've got you.

Virtual learning sessions
Hear firsthand from industry experts as they provide tips and best practices to help you be your best self while you are in school and during your hygiene career.

Join our events
Our events are not just gatherings; they're immersive experiences crafted to propel your career forward. Stay updated on the latest trends, gain insights into the evolving field, and discover opportunities that align with your ambitions.
Dedicated Hygiene Academic Team
This team of talented individuals are passionate about helping hygiene students be successful during school and beyond.  They are always ready with a smile to support students and faculty to help ensure everyone is successful.
Destinee Allen
Toni Meyerkord
Michelle Wood
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Your fulfillment comes 1st
Follow a day in the life with an Aspen Dental hygienist as she collaborates with her doctor on treatment plans, puts patients first and makes an impact—one smile at a time.
Support once you're part of our team
HOP: Hygiene Onboarding Program
Embark on a two-week transformative hygiene onboarding program. Immerse yourself in interactive training alongside fellow hygienists to help you confidently deliver optimal patient care, utilizing our state-of-the-art technology.
TAG U Online
Explore our learning management system, for content designed to nurture your clinical and professional development. Unlock a world of knowledge tailored to your continuous development.
CE on Demand
Dicover continuing education courses on demand are free at AspenDentalLearning.Com. It offers a regular schedule of live webinars and 1,000+ pre-recorded webinars on a wide variety of clinical and non-clinical topics
Clinical Corner Live
- Talking Hygiene
Join our monthly virtual gathering for insightful conversations in a relaxed atmosphere. Discuss trending topics and share experiences with dental hygienists across Aspen nation.
Regional Learning Events
Experience an exclusive, in-person regional learning event designed to elevate your skills in delivering patient-centric care within a collaborative team environment.
Hygiene Support team
Receive unmatched support from our esteemed hygiene managers and directors. Benefit from mentorship, training, and partnership opportunities that propel your career forward.
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"Advice for joining Aspen Dental: Open mind, career growth, top-notch care. Challenge, rising organization, relocation possibility. Changing lives, creating smiles - with patients and Aspen family. Bleed Aspen blue, and the rest is simple!"
— Janelle Hinds

Aspen Dental benefits to be your best self

From your health to financial and social well-being, we invest in you personally and professionally.

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Our culture
Join a thriving culture of fun, support, mentorship and award-winning diversity.

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